2012 March Break Ideas: Things to do with kids on March break in Canada

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2012 March Break is approaching. Have you planned anything to do for your kids at home all week? As a full time working mom, I have planned to take a week vocation off to stay home with my daughter. If my hubby can do the same thing, I would prefer a trip. But he can't, sadly. So I searched online and tried to find some interesting March Break ideas to keep my kiddo all

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Interview Questions for Day Care

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When you visit a daycare center, you will most likely get a tour and a brief description of the daily operations. But before you visit the day care, I think you should also do some home work on your own and ask as many question as you need so that you will feel comfortable to have your baby taken care by the strangers. First of all, you should ask if the center is

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How to Choose a Good Daycare in Toronto

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Daycare is a huge step in a toddler’s life. Before you ready your child off to school, above all decide whether or not she is up for it. Your child should be emotionally, socially, cognitively, physically ready for the needs of being in a daycare center - most kids can begin even at the age of 1 year old or even earlier. Is your baby able to take part in a framed

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